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    Friday, April 30, 2004

    My Do List

    While the Munkee and Beniy are out tromping around the local montains, the lil' guy and I will be here at home trying to get a few things done. I was planning to go with some of the ladies from church to a women's monastery on Saturday, but decided against it. I am feeling wimpy about driving 2-3 hours with a teething baby...he would probably be fine but I'm not feeling brave. I'm sure I'll regret my decision when they come back with great stories, oh well.

    Back to the subject. I'm pretty sure none of you really want to read my silly list, I apologize. Here it goes:

    1) Clean out the guest room, so I can at least open the door when guests come over.
    2) Organize the junk drawer by untangling the giant knot of rubberbands, batteries, empty lighters, and tape rolls by putting them into a nice little tray.
    3) Weed out clothes and junk for the ever-threatening garage sale so they can sit in the garage instead of the house.
    5) Plant some things on the portch and in the yard to reflect last month's onset of spring.
    6) Clean the kitchen and bathroom floors so things won't stick to our feet anymore.
    7) Scrub the tub and the friends growing in there.
    8) Wash the living room curtains so they look white again. Why I thought white was a good idea, I will never know.
    9) Scrub the layer of grey muck off the screen door. What is that stuff, anyway? Do we actually inhale that?
    10) Tidy the icon corner and try to avoid a disaster by finding a baby-proof box for the bottom shelf.

    If I get 30% of this done I will be happy. Afterall, there's always next weekend.

    Monday, April 26, 2004

    Ok...So I'm a Sell-out

    If you recall my previous post regarding weatherpixies and their midsections, you may be shocked to see the new addition on the right column of my blog.

    What can I say...they are just too cute!

    Sunday, April 25, 2004

    Champagne Cake is Delectable

    It is a white cake drizzled with icing, both of which somehow contain the bubbly. Just a bit of advice for anyone out there who is willing to listen...if you are ever offered champagne cake, TAKE IT! I loved it, and mind you I am not usually a cake fan.

    Thursday, April 22, 2004

    Go Hug a Tree

    Well, today is Earth Day. Yes, another "holiday" created by someone with something up their sleeve, no doubt. I like the idea of it, though. I am fond of trees, flowers, mountains, oceans, forests...nature in general.

    I told the Munkee, half jokingly, that we should plant a tree. He suggested that we try watering the one we already have...that's true since my thumb seems to be much less green than I would like it to be.

    Anywho...Happy Earth Day.

    Monday, April 19, 2004

    Comfortable in Our Skin

    Not long ago, I was standing beside my sister at the back of a crowded church. As we waited to enter, we couldn't help but observe the two older women standing in front of us. Their interactions suggested that they were good friends, maybe even sister themselves...familiar, warm, and close. We could't make out their whispers but I am sure their quiet conversation was somehow related to the funeral which was about to begin.

    After a few minutes of watching them, my sister leaned to me and said something that has stuck with me ever since..."I love old women like them, they seem so comfortable in their skin." I don't think she realized the wisdom of her casual comment.

    Those two women did seem comfortable in their skin. Their clean, bright faces were serene yet inviting. Their unashamed wrinkles unfolded the stories of their past, tales of sorrow and laughter. Thier graying hair covered them with the wise cap of many years. Their bodies, covered modestly yet tastefully, had probably borne and nursed many children, walked hundreds of miles, and cooked countless meals. They stood there together with an air of grace and contentment that is rare in so many women.

    Those women were quite unlike the young girls and women of today, eating one meal a day in order to maintain a boyish sillhouette, hiding, pinning back and tucking away their wrinkles, squeezing into sizes too small for their womanly figures, trying to impress, outdo, and bedazzle others with their beauty and youthfulness. It is sad, really. How lasting and real true beauty is and how false and fleeting our society's cheap imitation is.

    I hope that I can learn from women like them...that I can learn to adorn myself with the incorruptible beauty of the hidden person that comes only from prayer, love of God and beautification of one's spirit (1Peter 3:4).

    May we all become a little more comfortable in our own skin.

    Wednesday, April 14, 2004

    Christ is Risen!

    A glorious Bright Week to all.

    Sunday, April 04, 2004

    The First Steps of Holy Week

    Today's liturgical events of Christ's entrance into Jerusalem began for us a beautiful reinactment of the last events of Christ's physical life on earth. I love it. I love the retellings and the whole dramatically reverent experience. Fr. Wayne said in his homily this morning that Holy Week is the closest we will get to actually participating in those moments. What a treasure the Church offers us. What a wonderful way to allow us thick-skulled humans to fully comprehend something that happened so long ago yet affects us so completey today. Isn't it so true that the best way to learn about something is to actually touch it, feel it, and interact with it? That's what I need, at least.

    Have a blessed Holy Week experience.

    Thursday, April 01, 2004

    Lenten Recipe of the Week

    Kinda "duh" Chocolate Pudding

    1 package of Jello pudding mix
    3 cups of soy milk

    just follow the directions on the package

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