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    Wednesday, September 29, 2004

    Connectedness...or, I suck at Chess.

    I spent my day with Ruth's two boys...Ruth happens to be Beniy's sister, our choir director and my friend....

    I spent my day making pirate ships out of tape, glue, sticks, and old cassette jackets and getting beat by an eight-year-old in two games of chess (and I didn't let him win, either). Her boys are spunky, interesting, full of music, creativity, laughter, and life.

    Although I see them at church and other various events, it was so nice to get to know them more intimately. I love experiencing people in their day-to-day lives.

    Unfortunately, our society is so individualistic and separate that such an occasion is rare.

    Maybe it is just that I am at home alone with Basil most days, but I really crave connectedness and more authentic encounters with others throughout the day. You can only get so far in a relationship with the check out worker at Trader Joe's or the old men in the park.

    Maybe it is me. Maybe I should more actively seek...maybe I need to make it happen. Probably.

    Wednesday, September 22, 2004

    Something for Nothing, Yummy Soup, and a Stinky Pail

    Despite the dry heatwave and head colds 'round here, I've managed to maintain a bit of productivity.

    Number one...ebay. I started selling random things...mostly odds and ends we don't need and some well-intentioned gifts we never use. My neighbor gave me a pair of baby shoes that I just sold for their retail value...go figure! Pretty cool, though. I'd like to make and sell things. I've made a couple of baby slings I'm hoping might turn a pretty penny.

    Number two...soup. I nailed it. You know that recipe that's in your head but comes out a little different everytime? Well, tonight it was great...and it hit the spot.

    Number three...diaper pail. Yep. Just gave it a good scrubbing that was due long ago. By the way...isn't that kind of a silly invention? Why don't we just throw them in the regular trash? Maybe I'll start doing that. Keep your eyes peeled if you want it...it might be up on ebay soon. If you don't buy it, I'm sure some freak will.

    Housewifery, sweet housewifery.

    Wednesday, September 15, 2004

    Happy birthday Basil! Many years to you, sweet boy! Posted by Hello
    Windows and Doors Slowly Shut with a Creak

    Autumn has just begun to press its cool evening fingers against our windows and doors...which have been, until the past few nights, pinned open for four months of what seemed like endless summer.

    With every season, I find myself thinking the same thoughts and feeling the same sentiments. Sadness in leaving behind warm, late nights on the front portch with good friends...in knowing there will be no more trips to the pool, and less popsicles and watermelon. Yet quiet excitement that dew is beginning to form on the grass in the mornings, and a slight fog hangs in the air until the sun is able to push it away...and anticipation for sweaters, birthdays, and warm soup (I could do without the shoes and socks, however).

    I have noticed a recent parallel shift in my own season. I have felt my doors toward others creaking closed more than once, and a strange, distant coolness in my relationships. I know that life is like this, though, full of ups and downs...I only hope that I can keep out this chill and toss a warm throw blanket over my heart.

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