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    Tuesday, August 17, 2004

    My Happy Dragonflies

    Yesterday I had the old feeling sweep over me...you may know what I'm talking about. It usually comes on days where I am a little bored and have too much caffine in my bloodstream. This so-called "gotta do something new around here fast" feeling results from a strange mixture of discontentment and need for creative outlet. It usually manifests itself as sudden urges to rearrange large pieces of furniture or picture frames, etc.

    Most of the time, I just move things around a bit...sometimes I venture out to see what the local thrift stores have to contribute to my impulses. Whatever I do, it is usually pretty budget friendly; and yesterday's project was no exception.

    I had the idea to stencil in the bathroom...I knew that was cheap and fairly easy. The only thing is, I'm not a big fan of the "country" look...I can appreciate it, but it's not really me. So I headed off to the craft store, found a little dragonfly sponge stamp that cost $1.99 and a bottle of avocado green (to match the 1970's linoleum...kinda cool that the color is back in style) acrylic paint for $.89... and I stamped the afternoon away.

    My bathroom looks so happy now! The formerly lomesome and plain cream walls are now full of little green friends!

    Ahhhh....sweet indulgence, and for a grand total of $3.00!

    Tuesday, August 10, 2004

    Bringing Comfort to Convert Parents

    I know I'm not alone in being a convert to Orthodoxy and having fears about my kids rejecting the Faith. Fellow fretters will be interested in Meghan Ray's blog, Climbing from the Cradle. As she demonstrates in her first post, her faith is lively and she's bringing hope to worried parents across the country!

    Nice thoughts, smart, colorful, insightful, and well-written...Climbing from the Cradle is a welcome addition tho the Ortho-blogosphere!

    You go, Meghan :)

    Thursday, August 05, 2004

    Being Human

    Alana has been discussing some meaningful things regarding creation on her blog lately. It is funny because I had been thinking about things along those lines, only way less insightfully .

    My comment on her blog said something to the effect that I feel more human than ever, being Orthodox. I should have said I feel allowed to be more human than ever. I don't mean this in the sense of things like "well, I'm only human." I mean I feel like I am slowly moving towards something that resembles what true humanity is. I'm sure not there yet, but at least I know there is a goal in sight.

    On our trip, I picked up a copy of a great little book at Holy Virgin Cathedral in SanFrancisco (where the uncorrupt body of St. John Maximovitch rests...and waoh, is that a whole other post!). The book, by Mother Raphaela of Holy Myrrbearers Monastery in New York, is called Life in Christ. She touches on the balance between fasting and feasting, repentance and joy; and that while the world is a fallen place full of death and the poison of sin, God, in Christ, entered His own creation, providing a pathway to life, fullness, sanity, holiness and purity restored.

    I like this quote, the end of her chapter on silence:

    "Let us who call ourselves Christians...begin to enter into this fellowship with our God. In silence and prayer, let us come to know Him, ourselves, one another, and the whole of creation, as we exist together in the Trinity of Persons who creates, sustains and redeems all things and all men."

    Therein lies the freedom to rejoice in creation and take joy in life...we exist together in our restoration. There is purpose in life: Communion with God and with His creation, human, plant or animal. There is a true goal: Theosis, restoration of our true humanity.

    While I'm not there yet, I know where I should be headed...and there is great comfort in that.

    Tuesday, August 03, 2004

    one of the many pictures Posted by Hello
    On the Road Again....

    So, road-tripping with a baby isn't as bad as I thought it would be...there were only a few times where I needed a break from reading Where is Maisy? for the tenth time, or thinking up new verses to The Wheels on the Bus. Even then, the Munkee just took over and let me drive.

    We had lots of fun exploring and finding new treasures in familiar places. The California coast is really a spectacular thing.

    It was nice to get in the car, pop in a good cd, grab a strong cup o' joe, and keep on driving. Maybe it's that American, pioneer, covered wagon instinct in me...but it was fun nonetheless.

    I think a summer without a road trip just isn't a summer at all.

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